I stepped outside to get the mail today and saw a squirrel flattened to a branch of my crepe myrtle tree. He had a huge magnolia tree pod in his mouth, and he just sat there without moving. I knew he’d make a great picture, but didn’t think he’d still be there after I walked by, went into the house, slammed the door, etc.  But on a hunch, I got the mail, went inside, and came back out with my camera.

The little darling hadn’t budged–in fact, I was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with him.  Did he have that huge pod stuck on his front teeth?  Had he been frozen in fear?  Was he dreaming of all those little red seeds inside the pod?

I may never know, but he let me take several pictures without even flinching, and when I went back inside the house, he still hadn’t moved.

Friends, meet squirrel.  He’s all set for winter.


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  1. Melissa Wiggins

    A wonderful natural photo – thanks for sharing. MGW


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