It was quiet this morning at the SPCA, but I enjoyed taking pictures of some new dogs.  Also went into the cat wing and took a few shots, but they were rough, as I had to take pictures while the animals were still in their cages.  Still, I suppose a rough shot is better than no shot at all.  :-/

Anyway, here are today’s dogs . . . I fell in love with Caesar.  I’ve been watching him for about the last month as he went through treatment and evaluation, and I just love this boy.  Isn’t he beautiful?



Chi Chi




  1. Kay Day

    Agatha looks like she’s got a lot of personality.
    The kitties look more relaxed than the ones you shot outside of their cages. Maybe you can find a way to hang a little drape in their cage or something and they’s be more comfortable.. I think they look good even as they are, though.

  2. Angela

    That’s a good point, Kay–and it’s not good to stress the cats out, but taking them out of their cages DOES stress them out.

    I had a piece of poster board that fits perfectly in the large cages, but wouldn’t fit in the smaller pens. Plus, I have to swing the doors open wide, and the active kitties were ready and willing to jump out.

    Hmmm. I’m sure there’s an answer, but I’m not sure what it is. Yet. 🙂

    Yes, I woke half of them up from their naps. 🙂 That’s why they look so relaxed.


  3. Kathy C.

    The last shelter we got a dog from had a big outside cat house with wire walls and ceilings. Lots of things to climb. There were little hiding places to get away if a cat is less social. Only the ones who can’t get along at all with other cats are in individual cages. It would be a wonderful place to take pictures of kitties at rest and play.

  4. Anonymous

    I love what both Kay and Kathy C. had to say. The first little black kitty is adorable, but you know I have this thing for black kitties! Is there some setting on your camera that could place the cats in focus but blur their background a bit to disguise where they are? I have to admit that I was so smitten with the sweet little faces that I had to go back to see what their backgrounds were. Clyde


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