Since I handed in my book Wednesday morning, I took the day off to go to the SPCA and snap puppies.  Today was “little dog” day, coincidentally, but they were all sweet.  Here is my crew:


Melina, who must be adopted with Miller 


LOL!  I love this picture because I whistled, hence the tilted heads. 🙂

Sweet little Sam

Adorable Spike. He gives delightful puppy kisses. 

Vicky, Gretchen’s sister. 


  1. Anonymous

    I would love to adopt Gretchen…she would complete my “pack,” but I think I live far, far away from where you are….
    I am on facebook as your friend, so you can contact me that way.
    Michele LaPointe

  2. Angela

    I believe all of these dogs except Spike have already been adopted. Little dogs tend to move out quickly, and I’m happy for that. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Anonymous

    Love seeing the pups. We are the fourth owner of a chi-min-pin mix.
    He’s settled in real well and keeps us all laughing. Thanks for sharing your pics. Praying for good homes for unwanted pets.

  4. Kristin

    I agree! Vicki and Gretchen are cuties!


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