After church this morning, I went over to the SPCA to snap some doggies.  Blackie was an adolescent lab , Lucy was very sweet and energetic, and Honey–bless her heart, she was so nervous she would NOT sit or lie down.  I tried time and time again to catch her looking at me, but finally sat back and let her circle and sniff and circle again.  Finally, she lay down and looked at me, so I was able to grab several shots.  Whew.  It was so hot out there that I had to move slowly when I was packing my car–just too hot to move quickly.

And tomorrow begins another week.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m also praying for rain. 🙂


Blackie–I tried doing black on black, but don’t think I had enough lights to quite pull it off. 

Honey. Isn’t she pretty? 

Lucy–gotta love this girl’s smile!  


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