So this morning I got up early and drove ninety miles to a workshop on dog photography taught by a professional photographer.  And he brought in models, and we were able to snap the dogs under his professional lights.

Wow.  What a difference a few lights make.  I did pick up some good ideas about things you can do when you don’t have professional lights available, and I’ll be trying to implement those over the coming weeks.




But first I had to show you the dogs we photographed today–and these are NOT shelter dogs, but happily owned pets.

I found it interesting that Bob (of Top Dog Imaging in Lakeland) likes to shoot black (dogs) on black background and light (dogs) on white.  Usually I do it the other way around, figuring that a dog stands out better when the background is the opposite color. But what a difference the lighting makes!

So–I need to get a light or two and figure out how to use them.  🙂  There’s always something new to learn.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

~~Angie, off to clean her house


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