In my free time–which is to say, when I can snatch a minute here and there–I’m writing a little book on how an amateur professional photographer can use simple things to take beautiful photos of shelter dogs and cats and help them find new homes.  I’ve sketched out a few chapters, done a little research, and I’ve just designed the cover.  What do you think?

Once I get this finished, I will probably publish it as an ebook and then donate a portion of the proceeds to my local SPCA.  (And that’s another way to help your local animal shelter.)

But seriously–if I can do this, anyone can do this.  Best of all, I have a good supply of not-so-good pictures through which I can illustrate my don’t-do-this lessons!  🙂

Example:  Don’t crop your photos so it looks like you’re featuring a two-legged dog.

Don’t hang a backdrop and not see the sun shining through it.

Don’t let the dog get so hot that all you notice is his VERY long tongue.

And don’t use a photo in which the animal looks like it would eat a prospective family’s children. 🙂    (This was actually just a yawn–she was a very sweet dog.)

DO portray the animal as a pet that would be perfectly at home with anyone who has the time and love to give.  🙂

What do you think?  Would a little book like this inspire you or someone you know to pick up a camera?



  1. Peggy

    It would! And I’ve been wanting to tell you how much I love and admire your work with the SPCA. We’ve been involved with a local shelter called Heaven Can Wait in a spay/neuter campaign for feral cats. What a rewarding experience.

  2. Cheri

    It might, if I had any talent at all for photography. lol What it actually might inspire me to do is adopt a dog! How cute are these guys! I actually did adopt a rescue dog. Jackie is a shy little chihuahua and very sweet. I’ve never regretted giving him a home. He has more than repaid me in love and laughter. Thanks for supporting this great cause.


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