And don’t forget that all the details about the workshop can be found here!  It is not too late to sign up!


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  1. Susan

    I am so excited about this year’s conference! Kathy, I took you up on your challenge from our one on one and have a draft on the widow’s story to work on this time! I hope I made the first 38 so I get another one on one with you! Nancy, You were so right ot have my study with Kathleen at the fall conference and I have that draft ready to amp up too. Angela, the format and spirit at these conferences is so inspring and nurturing! I am constantly pulling out my lecture notes for guidance and inspiration. Thank you all for opening this window of wonder for me. I can hear God chuckle at my delight. I’m sure He’s pleased that I’ve found the experience of story telling, right where He left it for me, at Glen Eyrie.
    See you all in about two weeks with pen in hand!


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