The other day I was listening to the “Jesus Show” on the radio as I was driving to church.  A lot of people are put off when they first hear the Jesus show–it’s a guy who pretends to be Jesus, and says, “When you pray to me . . . . ”   Whoa.  I was taken aback the first time I heard it, too.

But then I noticed that the Jesus who began to open each segment with a disclaimer: “What you are hearing is dramatic radio theater. The host does not claim to be Jesus Christ.”

Okay–then I understood.  And as I listened, I was pretty impressed with what he had to say. He gave godly, biblical answers to almost every question posed by radio call-in listeners.

There’s only one time I disagreed with him–it had to do with being created, as the Bible says we are, “in the image of  God.” This is a crucial concept, for it’s what sets us apart from the animals, and it is also the basis for capital punishment:  he who murders another human is subject to capital punishment because man is created “in the image of God.” (Gen. 9:6)

But what does this mean? Someone asked radio Jesus about this and he said it was because we (humans) are alone like God because we have intellect, will, and emotions.

Right there, I begged to differ.  Because animals also have a mind, will, and emotions (ever seen elephants mourn?  It’ll rip your heart out.) Animals can even lie (Koko the signing gorilla was once using a twig to try to open her window. When caught by her trainer, she promptly put the twig in her mouth and told her trainer she was “smoking.”)


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