Boy, I can tell that summer is nearly upon us!  This morning I had to sit down after unloading my car at the SPCA–it was HOT!

But I had a busy morning, snapping all kinds of dogs.  Best of all, I snapped a Mastiff mix and felt right at home with this lovely boy.  I don’t know what he’s “mixed” with, but I think he’s 98 percent mastiff.  So lovely and sweet.

All the doggies were sweet today, though not many knew how to sit down.  And the puppies–I brought them in and enlisted a helper to blow bubbles–you know, the kind you blew as a kid.  I thought the puppies would be fascinated by the bubbles, but they barely even looked up.  Huh.  Maybe I’ll try it with the kitties next.  🙂

And here is today’s–and I see on our SPCA website that there are more dogs to photograph already.  Sigh.  It never ends.

That’s the stately mastiff look.  🙂 

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  1. Kay Day

    When I was a teenager we had a Cocker Spaniel. She was nuts about bubbles. It was like cat nip to a cat! So funny.
    All of your pictures are so sweet!


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