Puppy Sadie, already gone to a new home. 

Her beauty shot. 

I didn’t prepare this photo, but thought it was adorable. 

LB, the one-year-old roughhouser. 

Today I realized why it’s not such a good idea to photograph dogs on Saturday. 🙂 First, it’s a busy day, with people everywhere, and that makes setting up hard. It’s also difficult to get a dog to focus when all the other dogs are barking their heads off every time someone walks into the kennel area.

But the chief reason is that new dogs–especially if they’re puppies–don’t stick around long enough to even NEED a photograph. I’m happy for this, of course, but I spent a lot of time with a very frisky puppy this morning, and by the time I got her photo ready to upload, she had gone home with someone. Yea for them. And I’ll still use the picture–right here on this blog. 🙂 You see? Nothing is ever wasted.

I photographed two dogs this morning–puppy Sadie and yearling L.B. (Little Boy? Leonard Bernstein? Who knows?) L.B. didn’t know how to sit on my pretty little pillow, so I tossed him a stuffed toy and prayed that it would last long enough for me to get some shots. I got some shots, all right–but in most of them, he looked like he was going to tear that toy limb from limb. Not exactly the image you want to plant in prospective doggie parents’ heads. But trust me–he was a very sweet dog. He just loves to play rough with his toys.

So here are a few shots from this morning–and you can probably tell that I’ve been learning photoshop. I HATE having that chain link fence in the background–it reminds me of a jailyard–but sometimes it’s unavoidable and sometimes I can chop it out. But I love this one little area for photography because it’s safe and easy and mostly sheltered from the sun.

Enjoy! Off to do Saturday things!


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  1. lv2scpbk

    You’re so right that puppies don’t stay around long. It’s a good thing but we had a pit-bull at the shelter for 2 yrs and he finally got adopted. He’s such a loving guy.

    Does your shelter have showings on the weekend or on Sunday’s? For us, that’s when volunteers come and sit with a dog for two hours while the public gets to look at them and we tell them all about them. The foster dogs are shown on that day too, since they are in homes and not at the shelters during the week.


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