The other day I bought a young baker’s set . . . and even though my granddaughter is only nine months old, I’m already dreaming of the time when I can tie an apron around her, stand her on a stool, and watch her mix batter and lick the spoon.

Do you bake with your kids?  Have they discovered the joy of turning out some lovely, delicious, preservative-free something?

King Arthur Flour is featuring a blog about baking with kids, so I thought I’d pass it on.  Enjoy!

Note:  my book club read THE WEDNESDAY WARS, a story that features . . . cream puffs.  So I’ve been baking them every night, because on book club night I intend to build a croque em bouche.  🙂  Photos to come!



  1. darien

    croque en bouche is so much fun! Mine tilted, and started leaning. Thank goodness for sticky caramel to hold it all together. Have fun…please take pictures!

  2. Doni Brinkman

    I have been teaching Tori to knead bread. I give her a little batch and in no time at all she will say “let’s trade” (for my larger batch). My mom taught me to love the feel of kneading dough and I have been determined to pass it on.


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