Photo: Williams Sonoma

The minute I saw this in the Williams-Sonoma catalog, I knew I had to try it.  I like waffles, but find that they’re usually heavy, and this “egg waffle” didn’t look heavy at all.  So I ordered it, it arrived today, and I whipped up the recipe that comes with the pan.  It contains SIX whipped egg whites, so it IS light–though not necessarily light in calories (I figure that each large waffle is about 300 calories, so it’s not terrible, either.  Depends on what you put on it afterward.)

So–the pan is only available at Williams-Sonoma right now (unfortunately), and no, it’s not inexpensive.  One day it will probably be more available and more inexpensive, but I’ve noticed that W-S often holds exclusives on items for a while before releasing them to other vendors.

I’ve heard that egg waffles are huge in Hong Kong–sort of like carnival fare for urban dwellers.  They roll up easily, and, if tossed with powdered sugar, would be a wonderful walk-and-eat snack.

Photo: Williams Sonoma

The pan comes in two parts and you make the waffles on the stove.  The two parts link together through a tab on the top of one pan, so making waffles is simply a matter of pouring the mix onto one pan, inserting the other into the opening, closing the pans, flipping the pans, and then flipping them back so you’ve allowed each side to be on the stove heat for about two-three minutes.  Then you simply open the pan, unhook them, and flip the finished waffle onto a cooling rack.

The recipe says it makes five waffles, but I got seven out of the recipe.  Maybe my egg whites beat higher than the test kitchen’s did.  (After making all those macarons, I ought to be an expert at whipping egg whites.)

My verdict?  Pricy gadget, but truly wonderful waffles.  I was so delighted I almost went out on the street and called all the neighborhood kids in for a snack.  🙂   In any case, my hubby has a plate of them waiting for him tonight.

Photo: my pan 

Happy baking!

My plate of waffles–waiting for hubby. 


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  1. Mocha with Linda

    Wow – I can almost smell them! William-Sonoma is one of my favorite toy stores. 🙂


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