Cheesecake with pecans BEFORE special topping. 

We have some dear friends from our Lynchburg days coming to visit tomorrow.  I wrote my friend and said that I was “into” baking now, and was there some dessert they absolutely loved?  She wrote back and mentioned cheese cake and pecans and chocolate and key lime pie . . .

I wasn’t sure how to incorporate the key lime into the mix, but I knew how to make a chocolate/pecan cheesecake!  So I got up this morning and set straight to work–made a typical cheesecake, tossed some chopped pecans into the mix, and then arranged pecans on the top and coated them with maple syrup. And then, just for fun, I drizzled some circles of chocolate on top of that.  Looks heavenly, doesn’t it?  (I do hope I get to bake in eternity! I’m sure all of those desserts will be non-caloric!)

Cheesecake AFTER painting with maple syrup and drizzling chocolate. 

Anyway, can’t wait to set this cake on the table tomorrow.  Who care what the entree is when you have such a divine cheesecake for afterward?  (Actually, I’m going to serve a frozen lasagna.  Quick and easy; it can bake while we’re at church.)  😉

Happy baking!



  1. Pamela J

    Hi Angela!
    I saw your lovely cheesecake pic and even enlarged it to get a better look at it. It looks different from mine and wondered if you could share the ” typical cheesecake” recipe you used. We had the blessing of picking up fresh pecans this year right before Christmas and I’d love to try producing what (or similar) your picture looks like. I’m already confident it will taste great. Thanks.
    cepjwms at wb4me dot com

  2. Linda

    Looks delicious! Pamela’s comment reminded me of years gone by when we lived on an AF Base in the DEEP South in a mobile home. My husband had an ongoing competition with the squirrels for the pecans that fell from trees on our lot. He picked up enough (& cracked them while watching football)that we sent all our Northern relatives large coffee cans full of fresh pecans. Oh, and he did leave plenty for the squirrels!

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Oh, my, that looks delicious!! We’re having the frozen lasagna for dinner tonight; can you bring a couple of pieces of the leftover cheesecake to Texas, please?!

  4. Diane Dean White

    Oh that looks delish, and yet the combination I would never have thought would blend….but it obviously does. I’m waiting for dinner to finish cooking and this is really making me hungry…. 🙂

  5. Pamela J

    We DID get them while visiting our son on an army post, in Georgia. My son and I were SO excited, we kept going and picking up more and more. For awhile we DID give the squirrels a run for them, though I’m sure they had plenty since we just got on the tail end of the season for picking them up. I’m thinking his family and us all have enough, after shelling, to last us the year. I’m sure looking forward to using them and NOT being careful so we won’t run out.


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