I hope you had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve–we had friends over for dinner, played a few games of Rummicube, and were safely tucked in bed before midnight.  🙂  Ah.  My idea of a perfect evening.

And I hope you will have a safe and blessed New Year, full of challenges and surprises, learning and living.

To start you off, I’m offering a Kindle-ful of free books, free only until midnight tonight!  Here’s your chance to snag AFTON OF MARGATE CASTLE, ROANOKE, LOVING SOMEONE ELSE’S CHILD, MY LIFE AS A MIDDLE SCHOOL MOM, and THE CASE OF THE MYSTERY MARK (for kids) free!   Happy reading!



  1. Carol McClain

    Thanks, Angela. I’ve just read my third book of yours, and loved it, so I snagged all but the kids book.

    Elevator was my favorite. Uncharted and The Note were also fabulous.

  2. Linda G

    Hi Angie!
    I would love to win a Kindle with some of your books already on it.
    I don’t have a Kindle and I’m always in danger of running out of books when traveling.

    Wishing you Happy Trails and Safe Travels for 2012!

  3. .t

    sure would be nice to win the kindle with all your books. Thanks for the chance !!

  4. Caroline in NH

    Just got to your page from a link Terri Blackstock posted on her FB status. Sorry I missed the free books!

  5. Judi Jorgensen

    Like Caroline, I went by the post Terri posted on FB status. Sorry I also missed the free books. You are such an exceptional writer and I love reading anything you write. 🙂

  6. tiffany

    Oh man…apparently I missed the free books, I got excited when I saw terri blackstocks fb status. I just got a kindle for Christmas so free books would have been awesome.

  7. PolkaDotPrincess

    Disappointed I missed this. I just saw Terri Blackstock’s posting on fb which was posted on the 2nd of Jan (16 hours ago) and it didn’t mention that it was already over. Oh well, nice for those who got it!


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