I bought this book, MACARON MAGIC, and was truly excited about trying the author’s method for making macarons–always in search of the perfect method. 🙂 So I made these exactly according to her recipe, and they were absolutely the worst macarons I’ve ever made. No feet at all. No shiny surface. And they cracked easily.

They’re edible, of course (they even taste good), but they are more like meringues, and not at all what a macaron should be. Of course the fault could be entirely mine–I either over stirred or under stirred the macaron mixture, but in all the other methods I’ve used, this has never been a problem.

This book does have some DARLING and unique ideas for decorating macarons–and it was worth getting the book just to see this technique. I haven’t tried the filling recipes yet, but they look delicious as well, though some are a little exotic for my tastes.

I will give this master recipe one more try . . . maybe I didn’t stir it long enough. Watching the video is helpful, because I can see that my “ribbons” weren’t nearly as fluid as hers.

Ah, macarons. The quest for the perfect method is more complicated than it appears. But it is so worth it! Everyone loves these little cookies.



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