This was a cute video of funny guys making macarons. (I only wish they’d pronounce macaron correctly–it’s like macaroni without the “i” at the end.)

Anyway, notice that they didn’t use AGED egg whites. I do think it’s important to use eggs at room temperature, but I’ve set egg whites on the counter at bedtime and used them the next afternoon with perfect success. I’m pretty sure I’ve set them on the counter for a few hours and had perfect success, so I’m beginning to think this idea of aged egg whites is not such a big deal. (Just to be fair, last week I made macarons from egg whites that had been separated for four days, but saw no difference in egg whites that had set out for a few hours.)

I have been incorporating the best things from several different recipes. I like to whisk one tablespoon of dried egg white with the granulated sugar in a bowl, then pour in the egg whites, then put under a stand mixer for eleven minutes. Add any food coloring and/or flavor at this point if you intend for this batch to be all one color/flavor.

When the egg whites are stiff, then I add the stiff mixture to the almond flour and powdered sugar–carefully folding it in until it begins to “run” off the spatula. Then I quit immediately and put the mixture into a piping bag. Pipe onto baking trays, sprinkle with any nutty bits, glitter, or other adornment, then thump the trays to help the macarons settle and burst any air bubbles. Then bake at 315 degrees (any higher and they browned, ruining my pretty colors) for about 14 minutes. (But this will depend, of course, on how big your macarons are.) Then pull off onto cooling racks and slip the next tray into the oven.

I made a tiramasu batch the other day that was wonderful. Now I just need to find a place to serve them. 🙂

Happy baking!



  1. Ruthie

    About those tiramasu ones: You can always ship them here since you have nowhere else to serve them! LOL

    Bet they are AWESOME!!


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