LOL!  Time to relax and bake for fun.  A friend of mine is coming over later today for Bible study and baking (what a great combination), and I think I’m going to teach her how to make macarons.  I’ll post pictures later if it all pans out.

And would you believe it–yesterday I loaded my husband’s car with the pumpkin/chocolate chip cake, four plates of macarons, a homemade loaf of bread, and a basketful of cornbread blueberry muffins.  We drove two hours, I set everything out on the food tables, and then it hit me–I’d gone off and left my cheesecake-pumpkin-pecan pie in the fridge!  Oh, no!

Well, it wasn’t like the dessert table needed another pie–there were lots of beautiful desserts on display. But how were my hubby and I ever going to eat all that leftover food?

So when we got home, I froze half of the pumpkin cake, and I think we may have company for dinner this Tuesday.  If so, I’ll bring the pie out then.

I only hope the crust isn’t completely soggy by then.  Don’t some things get better with age?


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  1. Mocha with Linda

    Oh bless your heart! I hate it when that happens. I’m sure it will be fine. Enjoy your day!


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