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Blog title: Unexpected Dismounts Blog hop with Nancy Rue, Day 1
It is with very great pleasure that I’d like to introduce my “kindred spirit” Nancy Rue.  Nancy and I met years ago, and even though I often teach at conferences where she isn’t, I always miss her if she’s not there.  🙁    So here she is to talk about her latest book (and a few other things–we’re both new grandmas!), Nancy Rue! 
From time to time, Angie Hunt and I teach as “Nangie” (get it? Nancy + Angie = Nangie). Because we approach writing so differently, we complement each other in the classroom and give our students more than one perspective. I am, of course, constantly in awe of Angie’s beauty, wit and wisdom, so when someone gets us confused or just refers to both of us as Nangie, I am highly flattered and want to adopt that person as my new best friend.
                  Yet the bond that exists between Angela Hunt and me goes beyond co-teaching. This is a woman without whom The Reluctant Prophet trilogy would never have been written, at least not in the way it has been. She talked me into attending a Donald Maass weeklong intensive with her that completely changed the way I write a novel – for the better, I hope. She has always encouraged me to follow the nudges God administers to me – just as Allison does in the novels. You want publishers to recognize the need for better children’s literature, Nancy? Hold a conference for children’s writers. You think want to write about a contemporary prophet? What’s stopping you?
                  That would be enough to make me “bow down and call her blessed,” as Angie herself likes to say. But there’s so much more. This woman whose blog you follow because you love her books and her wit and her eye for the quirky has more integrity than any ten people I know. You can always count on her to be honest, yet with tact. If she pays you a compliment, you’ve heard something genuine. She prays every decision through and is one of those rare people who can quote Scripture that applies to a situation without making you feel like you’ve been spiritually mugged. Being with Dr. Angie Hunt makes me want to be far better than I am.
                  So what fun to be a guest here! I think I was supposed to talk about my new book, Unexpected Dismounts, but again, without the influence Angie has had on me and my work, there would be no Allison Chamberlain riding through the streets of St. Augustine on her Harley, ministering to the prostitutes and turning the lives of the wealthy upside down.  My life would be diminished without her.
Nancy Rue            
Do you have someone in your life who has nudged you to make a difference or follow a dream? How might you encourage them today?

Nancy is very kind to say the things she did, but truthfully, I think she’s changed me more than I’ve changed her.  She’s taught me to look outside the boxes, to consider things from a different vantage point, and to accept people where they are . . . instead of expecting them to hop to where I’d like them to be. Nancy demonstrates love and grace every day and can find the beauty in a manuscript that I’ve stabbed with my red ink pen . . . the woman has a gift, and I’m so blessed to call her friend.  

AND–I’ve read the first book in the Reluctant Prophet series and I loved it. I think you will, too.    
In Allison Chamberlain, Nancy Rue has created a fresh and unique protagonist to challenge all who follow Christ.  How will we change the world?  By being willing to leave our comfortable pews and habitual routines to truly listen to the voice of the Spirit…and show the world that Jesus called us to love.  Not to take care of ourselves, but to take risks in loving others.  The Reluctant Prophet Series are wonderful books with the power to change hearts and lives.
Thanks for joining us on the Unexpected Dismounts Blog hop with Nancy Rue.  
Nancy’s publisher, David C. Cook is sponsoring the blog hop with an opportunity to win some great prizes, including a $200.00 gift card for American Express.  To register to win & RSVP for the facebook party today. 
If you are interested in hearing more from Nancy, you can visit her website, subscribe to her blog: The Nudge, join her on Facebook and/or follow her on twitter.
Thanks for dropping by today! 


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Aww, I loved reading this and seeing you two together! Nancy was the one who told me, “I think you might like Angela Hunt’s books” years ago. So you can blame her for my stalking your blog! LOL You are both phenomenal authors and women that I admire.

    Nancy’s guest blogging at my blog on Tuesday!

  2. Ane Mulligan

    Waving madly at Nancy! I loved The Reluctant Prophet and the sequel, Unexpected Dismounts. I lent the first book to my Sunday School teacher, who never reads fiction, and he raved about it. He kept talking about it to our class, so they all ended up buying a copy. AND they ALL loved it, too. We talked about it in class, how Allison actually followed those nudges and became the hands and feet of Jesus. They’re all waiting to read Unexpected Dismounts now. :o)

  3. Chris

    I’ve had the privilege of being at a writer’s workshop where both Angie and Nancy were teaching. What fun! And what great writing insights I received. My thanks go out to both of you beautiful women! How blessed you are to have each other as friends.

  4. J:-)mi

    It sounds like you guys have a neat friendship. That’s something to be treasured! Hold tight to it because friendships where you can truly challenge one another spiritually are rare! I’ve had very few in my life, and even now, have no one who plays that kind of role in my life. I now understand why you write about such relationships in your books, Nancy Rue, it’s because people like Angela Hunt have have given you real life experience with it!

  5. Anonymous

    What a treasure to hear how you bless each other in your friendship. We (Nangie attendees) always knew you were both high-spirited, fun-loving, generous writers, but obviously there’s way more than that. Thanks for sharing that, as well as your skill, your creativity, your nudges, and your hearts with us over the years.

    Mary Kay

  6. Mary Vee

    Yes, I have had treasures that have blessed me as well. Without them, life would be most difficult. God knows, that’s why he sends new people our way to build up our treasures:)

  7. Countrysidegirl

    I am getting alot out of following Nancy’s posts and blogging. I’ve been feeling a tug to write and I’m picking up alot from reading all this. Very inspiring! Finging some great new blogs also!


  8. StillyBee

    I keep getting these nudges and God pulls me right into these blogs that NUDGE me more! Reluctant has been my line the last 8 years…I’m thinking I need to write a DO IT book. Thx for the nudge!

  9. Melody

    I love reading all of your posts and blogs Mrs. Rue. I’m (hopefully) coming to the blog party tonight!

  10. Mr. Frank

    Haven’t started reading yet. Looking forward to RP and then UD.

  11. Jen

    This series sounds so good, thanks for the great info about it!


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