Yesterday my friend and I made a batch of macarons each, then after she left, I decided to try another batch using another method. I had been using the two-temperature method (put shells in oven at 200, then after 15 minutes, increase temp to 350), but I thought I’d try the one temp method (leave shells out on the counter for at least 20 minutes, then bake about 12 minutes at 320).

Ooo la la! The second method made such better cookies! The feet were more pronounced, and the batter was more pliable, meaning that I didn’t have as many “points” as I had before. So I am hereby going with the new method, demonstrated in this video and fully explained in the book MAD ABOUT MACARONS.

My husband has decided to give his lay leaders plates of macarons for Christmas, so guess who’ll be busy baking? 🙂 Actually, I’m grateful to have someone to give my macarons to. I’ve filled two five gallon buckets, a tupperware container, and a plastic shoe box with my little creations, and they keep getting prettier and–hopefully–better tasting.

Oh! And I’ve also been experimenting with flours. Almond flour is the standard, but I’ve made two batches with pecan flour (yummy!) and today I made a batch using coconut flour. I was supposed to use UNsweetened coconut, but since I couldn’t find any, I used sweetened. To compensate for the extra sweetness, I filled the macaron shells with popcorn buttercream–delicious and not too sweet. 🙂 That recipe is in the book LES PETITES MACARONS.

I hope you are having fun in your home and in your kitchen! Please chime in and tell us what you’re baking, or share photos on the Lovin’ Oven Facebook page!

PS–I also bought several flavor oils made by LorAnn–blueberry, pralines and cream, walnut, vanilla, etc., and they really do a great job of adding flavor to a macaron.  For instance, yesterday I used blueberry flavoring and colored the macarons blue–what fun!  Then I did banana.  🙂 Those oils are wonderful, and a little dab works just great!




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