What our beach looked like years ago. Today, those trees have been replaced by condos!

Go to this site and click on your state, then your county.  Then scroll down to your city, or just admire all the views of how your county looked in years gone by.  Amazing and beautiful!

A tip of the hat to Tanzel Rousey for leading me to this site. 🙂



  1. Tea

    Oh, this is great. Thanx.

  2. k_stin

    Really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ruthie

    I looked at the post cards for Black Mountain. What a difference from when I grew up there! You should take a look at them (Buncombe County in NC) and compare them with what you saw when you were there a couple of weeks ago. Bet the change is even more dramatic than my comparisons.

  4. Anonymous

    Loved all the old Santa Barbara ones. We moved there in 1950 from New York, and that’s how it looked to us then. I found a box of old postcards that date back at least 50 years when I was moving. One of these days I must go through them! Clyde


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