Bill Myers tries his hand with the paddle.

So I’m up here teaching at the Blue Ridge Novelists’ Retreat, a small workshop that’s very intimate.  While   Jeff Gerke did thin-skinned critiques tonight, some of us went to Black Mountain and discovered Kilwin’s Chocolates and Ice Cream shop.  (Lynette Eason had a hankering for ice cream).

The owner, Tom, was making fudge, and was very generous with his time as five of us gathered around to watch and pepper him with questions–after all, who knew when we’d need to know how to make fudge for a book?  So we learned about the importance of temperature, the marble slab, the metal paddle, the copper cooking pot, etc.  And then Tom generously supplied us with samples of pumpkin fudge (oh, my!) and Turtle fudge–chocolate and carmel and nuts–oh, my!

We really had a nice time–I think I could happily live in a chocolate shop. The aroma alone would make me happy.  🙂  

So here are some pictures of our evening out.  And if you’re ever in Black Mountain, now you know where to go:  Kilwin’s Chocolates and Ice Cream.  You’ll be glad you stopped in.

I’m sure Tom gets a good workout handling all that fudge! It’s heavy with good stuff! 



  1. Ruthie

    Now how come that shop didn’t exist when I lived in Black Mountain??!!?? Perhaps the answer is that God knew I couldn’t afford the extra poundage!! LOL So glad you had a good time while doing “research.”

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Oh my, indeed! It’s making me want to sniff my screen!

  3. Anonymous

    Angie, have you ever made pie crust with vodka? It’s incredible! It is hands down the flakiest, most delicious pie crust I have ever tasted. Evidently the alcohol does not bind with the gluten and the result is a very flaky crust.


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