I’m up here near Asheville, North Carolina, and the fall colors are gorgeous.  I really miss them, living in Florida, and this trip was a blessing.  Just look at this photo, snapped on my walk from the dining room to the lodge where we’re all staying.  Brilliant golds, vibrant reds, still-gorgeous greens . . . it’s lovely.

What is fall like where you are?



  1. Ruthie

    You are in my neck of the woods (quite literally!) and are reminding me of the reason why I loved the fall so much while growing up.

    Here in the big city I think the environment affects the lovely fall colors, dulling them to boredom. And this year, after such brutal heat and drought, the tree outside my bedroom window turned yellow early; the last windy day brought down the final dried leaves. Now my tree is bare. So much for fall here!

  2. Mocha with Linda

    So gorgeous! I have been enjoying Deb Raney’s pics from there. I’ve always wanted to see a “real” fall!

    Over here in central Texas, we’ve still been in the upper 80’s, which has felt wonderful after our record-breaking heat! We actually are cooling off today and it might only reach the mid-70s. Woohoo!

  3. Pamela J

    When our second son lived in Ft. Bragg, we went through Asheville every year. One year we went during color change. We didn’t take pictures but yours is very pretty.

    Here in Southern Colorado, we have had freezes since the middle of September but for some reason the leaves on most of our trees are not brown and blown off. We had a snow storm recently, 4-6 inches of real wet snow, and the green leaves clung to so much snow, many limbs all over town broke out of trees from their weight. We lost six limbs in just our yard! The leaves are still green and hanging on.

  4. Kay Day

    We only got an inch of snow up here in Denver. And apart from a few cool days it’s been unseasonably warm–in the 80’s. But finally, this week it’s turned cool.
    The leaves are vibrant, with a few piles of crunchy ones lying around. The sky is brilliant. It’s bright, crisp, cool and perfect!

    P.S. If you go into Onyx Orchard Cheese Shop tell the owner hi from me. That might freak him out a little. 🙂


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