Bake and frost cupcakes with flesh-toned frosting (okay–mine ARE a little pale!) 

My book club met Monday night, and we had read THE ART OF FIELDING, a book about (among other things), baseball.

PLUS, our St. Pete Rays were in the playoffs, so we’re all pretty excited about baseball around here.  To honor the occasion and the theme, I found two pictures of baseball cupcakes that looked do-able.

The first features a doughnut hole dipped in white chocolate and mounted on a grassy cupcake.  The second turns a cupcake into a player’s face, then adds a cap made from dipped chocolate and a chocolate-coated marshmallow cookie.

I pulled them together, but did have to make a couple of changes, none of which suited the cupcakes very well.  The instructions called for the hats to be attached to the cupcake with a pretzel stick, and I didn’t have any.  I “glued” the hats onto the cupcake with frosting, but had to do it at an angle which obscured most of the player’s “face.”

Add cereal O’s, jellybeans, whatever you have for facial features

The doughnut holes for the other design should have been dipped in white candy coating (again, didn’t have any and neither did my grocery store), so I used white chocolate (which doesn’t harden very well.)  Furthermore, the only doughnut holes in the grocery store were coated in sugar, and the sugar had a tendency to resist being coated with white chocolate.

So–though my baseballs weren’t as smooth and solid as I would have liked, I thought they’d do in a pinch. For a pinch hit, maybe.  (Groan.)

The doughnut holes on piped “grass” frosting

So–I filled my cupcake tree with cupcakes, and away we went.  You’ll probably have much better luck.

Go, Rays!

From a distance, they look like baseballs, right? 


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  1. Dorothy Love

    Angie these are so cute and perfect for my husband who s an avid baseball fan. I blogged about red velvet cupcakes on my blog today at www. red velvet is an old Southern tradition. A family favorite. So glad Tammy Alexander directed me to your site. I love baking!


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