If you have some time today, trip through some of these astonishingly anachronistic ads–takes you breath away to see how time and mindsets have changed.

I’ve been watching some of the AMC series MAD MEN.  And while the subject matter is dark and depressing (it’s almost a morality play about how drink, excess, and pride bring a man to ruin), I am tickled to see clothing, plates, kitchenware, etc., that I remember from my childhood.  But now and they the characters will say or do something (especially regarding women or people of other races), and I’m simply aghast.

Anyway, do check out the ads.  Click on them for a larger view.  Hilarious, aren’t they?


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  1. Mocha with Linda

    Those are a hoot! Every time I’d think “that’s the best one” I’d click on another one that made me gasp! Too funny!


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