Time for a change of pace . . . the book of the month will be THE SHADOW WOMEN, one of my favorite historicals.  I’ve featured this book before, but now it’s been re-released!  Like the new cover?

Here’s the blurb:

The Shadow Women

Winner of the 2004 Angel Award from Excellence in Media, and a finalist for the ECPA Gold Medal and the Christy Award.

One called him son. One called him brother. One called him husband. And all three suffered for him. How do you live with a God-intoxicated man?

Under the shadow of ancient Egypt, a baby boy is born to a peasant woman. His young sister leaves him in a basket in a river, hiding in the rushes to watch over him until a princess comes to claim the child as her own. The princess names him Moses, and he grows to become a man whose life is characterized by violence and terror, but equally by faith, and whose sacrifice ultimately leads to the redemption and liberation of his people from slavery.

Told from the perspective of the women who loved him–from his mother and sister, who saved him by giving him up to the Egyptian princess who adopted him, to the shepherd’s daugher he married–this epic novel of passion and intrigue offers a fresh perspective on one of the most enigmatic figures in biblical history.

Tomorrow: how the idea germinated



  1. Accidental Poet

    This book is one of my all time favourites by any author. Looking forward to this BOM!

  2. Leslie

    I think its kinda neat how retro the cover is – it looks like something out of the 50’s or 60’s

  3. Ane Mulligan

    I love Biblical fiction – always have. Somehow I missed this the first time around, so I’m off to buy it. Can’t wait to read it. And yes, I love the cover. It adds some a mysterious feel to it and makes me want to find out what’s inside. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Another one of my favorites … Clyde


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