I was thrilled when THE SHADOW WOMEN was a finalist in a couple of major awards. But by far the most thrilling thing happened when . . .

Well, let me back up.

In 2002, right after The Shadow Women released, my husband and I moved into a new neighborhood. Our reputation preceded us (it’s a small neighborhood), and I was trying hard to be a friendly Christian, not a self-righteous one. I gave most of the neighbors on my street a copy of one of my books, and I wanted to give a book to the Jewish family that lived on the next block.

So one night I walked over and knocked on their door, introduced myself, and said, “Would you like a book?”

The woman replied, a little dubiously, “Is it Christian?”

I held it up. “It’s about Moses.”

So she took it. And a month later she stopped by while I was sweeping out my garage and said she’d enjoyed the book. And would I be willing to come and speak to the ladies’ group at her synagogue?

You bet! I prayed about it for several days, and spoke to several people who have worked with Jewish people–should I avoid mentioning the name of Christ? Should I try to be more overt? How, exactly, should I be a testimony of Jesus in a modern synagogue?

The advice I received was this: “Be yourself, be honest, don’t try to strategize. Just be true to your testimony.”

So I was. I talked about how I accepted Christ as a child and grew up in a home that studied the Scriptures. How the Lord had led me to become a writer. How I wrote stories to honor Him. And how, beginning with the time God sent Nathan to David with a story of a man and his beloved lamb, God had been using Story to convict and sway the hearts of men. I told them truthfully that I have had a love for the Jewish people for years . . .

And you know what? That was one of the warmest receptions I have ever received anywhere. I gave a copy of my Joseph novel to every woman and left a stack of books for their library.

And all because of Moses and the women who shadowed his life.

Tomorrow: any questions? Be sure to leave them in the comments box and I’ll answer them tomorrow!



  1. Accidental Poet

    Well I would have had questions but you answered them all in the Q&A in the back of the book 🙂

  2. Kay

    What an amazing opportunity, Angie! That is so cool!

    I haven’t read this one yet, but I am looking forward to it now.

  3. Terri Gillespie

    Oh, Angie. I love this testimony and have told it many times as a beautiful example of how Christians can impact Jewish lives.

    Few Christians know the incredible impact and opportunity they have to share the love of the Messiah to a Jewish person. It’s about relationships–true relationships.

    What Angie did was share her love of the bible and ultimately what came through was authentic love–the sweet fragrance of Yeshua.

    Although I am a firm believer in sharing the good news–especially to the Jewish people (to the Jew first, Rom. 1:16)–however, God also calls the non-Jewish believers to “comfort” the Jewish people (Is. 40:1) as a way of preluding the good news (Is. 40:9ff). This is what Angie did.

    Perhaps someday she’ll be able to give the good news, but maybe not; maybe God called her to break up the hard ground and someone else will plant the seeds of salvation.

    Is there a Jewish person in your life? Someone God has placed a burden of love on you? Begin with authentic love, as Angie did.

    BTW, my website has a list of Messianic prophecies. Go to http://www.terrigillespie.com, click on Jewish Roots, then Free Stuff.

    Sorry for the shameless plug, Angie. You can delete.


  4. debrjean

    What an amazing story…I love hearing that your opportunity to share your testimony and then receive such a warm welcome from these precious women mean more to you then book awards. That’s really what it’s all about isn’t it! Thank you for sharing Angie.
    BTW, though I am new to your blog I have numerous books of yours on my library shelf. I have enjoyed each one immensely. I am looking forward to reading more in the future.

  5. Leslie

    Terri – you just received a FB invite from me 🙂 We need to connect 🙂 I hope that Angela didn’t mind your plugging 🙂


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