There weren’t many questions, but I’ll try to answer them.

Let me clarify my comments about charts, maps, and glossaries–I don’t hate them, in fact, I’ll agree that they’re often useful. But as a reader, I find them off-putting when they’re at the front of a book. As a writer, I try to keep my cast of characters manageable and I try to define unfamiliar terms in context. And yes, if a map is important, by all means, put it up front. Sometimes a picture is worth ten thousand words. 🙂

And Kay, about Herod and your time line–I grappled with this when I was working on THE NATIVITY STORY and MAGDALENE. And there’s no problem at all if you place Jesus’ birth at 1 or 0 A.D. –Herod then dies, if memory serves, in the year 4 A.D. I found lots of support for that date as regarding Herod and Jesus.

Peggy asked if the Joseph books were available: they are DREAMERS, BROTHERS, and JOURNEY, and they are available as used books on

Thanks for coming along on another BOM!



  1. Patti Goldbach

    Just got “Doesn’t She Look Natural” today – I had preordered in July from Amazon. I am so angry with them. I will never preorder anything from them again. Sent them a not quite nasty but very firm e-mail last week. They gave me a song and dance routine about backorders. Tomorrow’s Sunday so won’t get to it for a few days. We are having a mini revival with Dennis Nunn from Georgia.

  2. Kay

    Thanks, Angie. I figured that Jesus was four when Herod died. I guess I found the right information. And I’m not using actualy dates, so it’s not important to get that. I just wanted the ages to be right.

  3. Suzanne

    Thanks for taking the time to do these, I really enjoy them!

  4. Stephanie

    Hi, Angie–I just wanted to let you know that I’m super-excited to hear the Joseph books are being re-released. I read them when I was in middle school (I’m in college now), borrowed from a friend who borrowed them from her library, and I was blown away. I love biblical fiction, and I love fiction in general–GOOD fiction (I’m an English major now! lol). My standards are high, and reading you when I was younger helped set them! I’m a devoted fan of all your books, and I’m interested to see how my reading of the Joseph books will be different this time around (both because I’m older and wiser and because you’re “cleaning them up”)!

    Sorry for the long comment, but I really loved your old books (I also read the Cahira O’Connor and Keepers of the Ring books back in the day)…


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