Cade’s Challah

. . . and bread is my latest fixation.  Ciabatta . . . focaccia . . . challah . . . brioche . . . yum!  I’ve been making bread like a fiend, and then sending loaves off to neighbors and friends.

Yesterday I was making Challah and nearly burned out my Kitchenaid mixer, so I had to spend half the day researching the latest models so I can find something that’s up to the task of bread-making.  Anyway, after I braided two loaves, I thought about the boys across the street (ages 10 and 8, I think) who, bless their hearts, like my bread.  So I called their mother and asked if they wanted to come over after school and braid their own loaves.

Long story short, they did.  They braided their own loaves, took them home to let them rise and bake, and then sent me pictures.  🙂

Chance’s Challah


Click/zoom to see the neighborhood sentry

Ciabatta dough getting ready to run away

The Bread Factory 

The other day I made a ciabatta dough, plopped it in the biggest bowl I had, and went off to take a shower. By the time I came back, it was climbing out of the bowl.  So from now on, I think I’m just going to leave the dough on the counter and cover it with damp (clean) dish towels.  🙂  That works better.   (The ciabatta photo is the one that looks like plaster footprints.) 🙂

Enjoy!  And I hope you can take some time out to bake something today. It’s therapeutic!

P.S.  And yes, I’m sure my next book will feature a bakery!



  1. BJ

    Fervently wishing I lived close to you, Angie. LOVE homemade bread!

  2. Kay Day

    Check out Bosch mixers. That’s what I have. I can do 5 loaves at a time in that thing. It’s more cumbersome and takes up more room, but if you’ll be doing a lot of bread it’s worth it.
    That bread looks yummy! I haven’t baked bread much since we found out my son can’t have gluten. But I may have to again as soon as it cools off.

  3. Angela

    I will check out Bosch. I just tried my old mixer; it’s officially dead. Sigh. I feel helpless without it.

  4. Anonymous

    Your book could be a baking mystery. Who killed the mixer?

    I’m with BJ! Your neighbors are truly blessed — in so many ways. And Angie, I love your neighborhood sentry. Is he, perhaps, looking for Irene to warn you all ahead of her arrival?


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