I’ve been taking a sort of sabbatical from blogging–I read an author who suggested blogging less often with better stuff, and I thought he made sense.  But I found myself feeling disconnected from everything and every one, and I didn’t like feeling that way.  So–for better or worse, for better stuff and worse, I’m back.  🙂   I may not post every day, but I’m going to be a lot more regular.

And what has filled my days this summer?  The Book in progress, of course.  And three other B’s:  baking, baseball, and the baby!

I’ve already mentioned that my hubby and I discovered that we are grandparents.  My daughter is good about sending us photos, brief video clips, and updates on the beautiful baby’s progress, so we’ve been enjoying those.  (That’s our darling in the photo).  We are living several hours away, but we do plan to take many trips so the Adored One can know us and love us as much as we love her.

Baseball:  a friend of ours plays for the Rays, so we’ve gone a little over the top with baseball this year.  We go to as many games as we can, and when we can’t go, we watch on TV.  In supporting our friend, we’ve grown to feel like we know many of the players, so we root for all of them.  Yeah, we wear jerseys and I carry a baseball app on my iPad so I can follow the games even when I’m traveling.  It’s crazy, I tell you.  But fun.

Baking:  It began with cupcakes, but of course you know about that.  I then moved into cakes, then into bundts in particular (what a collection of fun pans I’ve gathered!), then into bars.  Now I’m into bread.  I took a bread baking class last weekend, so now I know all about bigas, and poolishes, and rustic breads and the beauty of a nice brioche . . . ah!   Fun, fun, and my neighbors seem to love it when I trot over with something baked in my hands.

I think I know why I like baking as opposed to cooking:  cooking is done to taste, but baking is an exact science, and I’ve always had an affinity for science.  🙂   Wish you could taste my crusty raisin-pecan bread . . .

The book in progress:  I thought I was done with FIVE MILES SOUTH OF PECULIAR, so I let my agent read it . . . and her team made several good suggestions.  So I’m not done, and am doing two more drafts.  Don’t ask my total–I’ve lost count.  😉

Have a great day!  I’ll be back soon!



  1. Sarala

    Glad you’re back! I want to taste that raisin pecan bread of yours!

  2. Heather Harshman

    What great reasons to take a break – family, food, and fun. Good for you. Welcome back!

  3. Kay Day

    The baby is beautiful, as always!

    With baking you have to follow the rules. That’s another reason you like it.
    I enjoy it, but I’d rather toss a bunch of things together in a pot and see what I get. 🙂

    I have nothing to say about the baseball.

  4. Ane Mulligan

    I can see the roads being worn thin! LOL She’s so precious, Angie. And if Charlie and Babe are anything like Shadrach, they’ll follow her everywhere, asniffin’ and alickin’. My dear friend, the book club lady Nora St, Laurent, brought her grandson, Brayden, over and Shadrach adored him. The baby crawled and Shad followed. It was a hoot!

  5. Anonymous

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed, but at least we were able to see pics of the Little Princess on FB. I picked up a couple of paperbacks at Heathrow last month. Fun reads, once you got past the way the English mis-use words such as “jumpers” and “trainers”. Looking forward to another of your books where words actually say what they mean! =) Clyde

  6. Nicole

    I prefer baking also.. please share all your favorite recipes!
    Your grand-daughter is so precious! I wish T lived close to me. I would give her all of Kate’s hand-me-downs.

    Much love,


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