And a glorious July 4th to you!  I’ll be working, but maybe we can take some time to throw something on the grill.

Take this quiz to see how much you really know about the government of our country!  I got 25 right, but I think I got cocky and overconfident at the end . . .
How did you do?


  1. Mocha with Linda

    I got 23 right. The amendments are my weak area.

    And I had no idea DDE was born in Texas!

  2. Angela

    I missed the Texas one, too, Linda. I guessed GWB, but in my gut I knew that wasn’t right. I had no idea!


  3. Anonymous

    I got 23, also. Fortunately, my daughter and I were just talking about Texas presidents this past weekend, so your chat above did not bother me. The amendments really are the tough part. I think I made a lot of lucky guesses. Can you imagine how grim things would be if Obama and Biden went down in a plane together? YIPES!!! Clyde

  4. Anonymous

    I got 25. Whew, I’d be allowed into the US!

    Like you, Angela, I knew in my gut I shouldn’t put GW Bush for TX president. It seemed like a trick question. But I kept thinking Ike was Kansas-born.

    Interesting in the age comparisons that the scores ran consistently higher the OLDER the population. Even despite the “old age memory loss,” the best scorers were over 60. (Guess I just outed myself as a senior!)

    Mary Kay

  5. Tamera Lynn Kraft

    I got a 28. I missed when the last amendment was ratified and how many weren’t ratified after being passed by Congress. I’m still disappointed with myself.

  6. Lamar Keener

    26 right. My four errors were in the last eight questions. And, I refused to cheat after seeing the answer to who was born in Texas already posted before I took the test. I answered what I would have answered had I not known.

  7. Ruthie

    Boy, was I surprised…I got 27 right!! I knew more than I thought I did! Go figure. LOL


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