My friend Deb Raney sent me a link to this site–dear    As you’ll see from visiting the site, it’s a collection of old photos and present places, along with a note from the sender to the photograph. Some of these will make you smile, others will make you teary-eyed.  But definitely worth a visit, and who knows?  You might have a photo and place you need to revisit, too.

P.S.  Taking a picture of a picture is much harder than it looks!




  1. Eva {The Writer}

    Oh wow, this is incredible…thanks so much for passing the link on…

  2. darien

    O my gosh, I love that!

  3. Tv Framing

    Oh yes it’s looking very beautiful.And it’s looking like a photo frame .i love it.

  4. Mocha with Linda

    Oh my. That’s great. Loved the “her love was my chemo” one.

  5. Ane Mulligan

    That’s the most nostalgic site! Now I’ve got to go through my photos and send one. 🙂 Thanks to you and Deb for sharing!

  6. Anonymous

    What an interesting concept. I’m gonna have to play with that one. Thx, Angie, for today’s cool thing to do. You do keep us busy!!! Clyde

  7. Deborah Raney

    Well, duh. I sent you the link but never even thought about trying to take a photo to submit. Just did and it turned out pretty good. We’ll see if it shows up. Thanks for the idea. Yours is sweet, Angie! Did you submit it?

  8. k_stin

    Tonight, I started watching “Dogtown.” I had added it to my Netflix queue after you mentioned it. Thank you so much for suggesting it. What a great show! I am allergic to dogs, but I love them. If I wasn’t allergic, I might be packing up my bags to go help at Dogtown.

  9. Anonymous

    Wonderful! Thanks Angie and Deb.

    Mary Kay


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