As many of you know, I adopted my two children from Korea . . . so this meant something special to me.



  1. Christy

    Incredible…that gave me chills.

  2. Anonymous

    It was one of those “AHA” moments. I surely hope and pray that someone takes him in and gives him a home while he trains for the next step in his life. He is the “Susan Boyle” of Korea. Amazing and yes, I did shed a tear.

  3. Ruthie

    Rarely do I cry while watching these “reality” contests, even if the storyline is touching. This time, however, I am snuffling back the tears and am totally speechless! His love of singing echoes mine and I can really understand his passion to keep going. This is a young man we need to pray for!

  4. Anonymous

    Ditto. Tears and chills, and couldn’t talk when I tried to tell hubby about it. Another Susan-Boyle-moment, for sure. Thanks for sharing, Angie. And I hope you weren’t alone when you watched this so you could get a big hug!

    Mary Kay

  5. Anonymous

    What an incredible story … loved it! God has blessed this young man beyond his pain and from that pain has come his passion. Close your eyes and you think you’re listening to Bocelli. Beyond the excellent performance, what I liked especially about this video was the kindness displayed by all of the judges. They were visibly and unabashedly touched. Beautiful. Thanks, Angie. Clyde

  6. Ane Mulligan

    Oh my, I cried, too. What a hard life and yet he’s overcome so much. What an inspiring story!

  7. G.

    Thank you Angie for sharing! Warms my heart, my prayers are with this young man that his journey will be an easier one, and that love will surround him and hold him up. May the Lords blessings continue in his life.

  8. Anonymous

    Does anyone know how this young man did during the rest of the competition? He is amazing!


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