Questions and Answers regarding The Justice:

Deborah wrote: when i read The Justice, it wasn’t Daryn I had problems with, but Clive and his twisted way of Christian thinking. it made me cringe every time i read his justification for his actions (especially when he used the computers in the school). it’s scary to think about how there are people that really think like that. what was it like to write a character who has such a warped view of the Christian faith?

Angie Answers: Actually, Deborah, it wasn’t hard. This is sad–and a little scary–but all I did was find web pages of religious hate groups, and there was the verbiage, the rationale, even the Scriptures they take out of context. Clive came straight out of reality, so I didn’t have to invent much about him at all.

Pam asked why I chose the surprising ending I did:

I actually wrote most of the book three times before I found the ending.  I clearly remember being on the treadmill one morning and telling the Lord, “Okay . . . now I need an ending, so can you help?”  I thought of all kinds of things–striking the President with cancer (poetic justice), but that seemed too coincidental and tidy.  And then I simply let the law follow its course.

As to Maria’s surprising action in the final scene . . . how else would/should a grace-filled Christian react?  Some folks might find that reaction incredible, but that’s what grace is.  So that’s where I left it.

Thanks for coming along on this journey!  Tomorrow:  cupcakes!


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