Researching family was fun–and simply a matter of getting people together. So since my mom and her sisters love St. Simons Island, I rented a beach house for the week (the house in the photo), and invited my mom, my aunt Irene (in the photo), and my cousin Ginger. (And no, the “Ginger” in the book has nothing to do with my Cousin Ginger.)

We spent a few days trippin’ over the island and just curled up on the sofa, talking. It was fun, and by the time we got home, I had lots of material for the book.
PS–there’s a lovely front porch swing on this porch–in fact, this house served as the model for Grandma’s house as I was writing. It was perfect!
Tomorrow: the writing


  1. Mocha with Linda

    I’ve wanted to visit St. Simon’s Island ever since I read Eugenia Price’s series of books! That house looks like the perfect getaway!

  2. Anonymous

    What a quaint cottage. It sounds like a delightful time, Angie.
    When I was a young girl I remember sitting with my grandmother and great aunts talking about their days while sipping coffee. Of course, I had my own cup of coffee (probably more cream than coffee:) and asking them to tell me about what it was like growing up when they were younger. No matter how many times I asked they would share their memories with me. Laughter was shared and slight differences of opinions of exactly what happened filled my ears with delight. They are dear treasures and I am thankful for each one. They are all with Jesus now and I miss them so much.
    Thank you, Angie, for this time to reflect. I really want to read your new novel.
    Miriam (fb)


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