The idea for THE FINE ART OF INSINCERITY was originally titled, “The Grandma Gene,” and it was inspired by my grandma, naturally. My grandmother married five times, she liked flirting, she liked to sing, and in many ways she was quite child-like (I think I have the same quality, to a degree). But lest you think she was a Jezebel or a heart-breaker, you have to understand the time she grew up in–she was poor, she had only the barest of educations because she had to drop out and work out in the fields to help support her family, and she married young. She worked hard, she raised four daughters, and she really did call all of us grandkids into her room and assure us that she loved us best.
I love sitting around with “the aunts” and listening to them tell stories about their youth and my grandmother. And so I took many of the very real elements in my grandmother’s life and spun them into a story . . . and waited several years to write it up. 🙂
Tomorrow: the research.


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Oooh! I was thinking today that it’s finally May and I can order this! Can’t wait!

    Gotta get back in my blog-reading groove and come read these BOM posts!

  2. Ane Mulligan

    Mine arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to dive into it!!! This story is my favorite kind of book. :o]

  3. Larry and Liz

    …and I just received notification that my copy has been sent. I should get it within the week. I want to read it before you finish the “book of the month” information is completed. 🙂


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