A tip of the hat to Kay Day for sending me this link. Forget that it’s a commercial and simply enjoy the concept and the melody. Fascinating! And at first I thought all they were recording was the sound of the wind, the trees, and the river . . .



  1. Anonymous

    That must have been one healthy budget (time, in particular!) to create that for a commercial. And, a three-minute commercial at that! I don’t think we have 3-minute commercials even for Super Bowl, do we? LOVE it! Clyde

  2. Anonymous

    It was fascinating. Easy to forget it was a commercial, but not the physics. I wanted to know how they did that (if it was real). Then I noticed the different sizes of wooden slats. Ah-ha. Love the creativity.

    Thanks, Angie. Thanks Kay.

    Mary Kay

  3. Ane Mulligan

    That’s a trip! How totally cool. THanks for sharing that, Angie. I’m going to pass the word on. 🙂


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