So I’m on a baking kick, and every day after I finish my writing quota (I’m on schedule! Yea!), I got into the kitchen and bake something. Trouble is, I’m running out of room in my freezer, so I’d better stop baking and move on to something else.

Anyway, I received this link in the mail tonight, and I watched the video after I’d finished my baking. I was feeling tired, and after the “punch line” of this video, all I could do was gape at the computer screen like a zombie. Amazing, and I have no idea how it was done. I think even if I hadn’t been brain dead I would still have no idea how it was done.
So . . . enjoy! And if you can figure it out, let me know!


  1. Signal

    A similar video called Schmarlovsi’s fur coat shows how it’s done.

  2. Anonymous

    Amazing … and no critters were killed in the process!!! Clyde


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