I’ve certainly seen hand sanitizer stations on cruise ships and in restaurants, but I haven’t actually seen them in church . . . yet. A hilarious look at what might be coming to a church near you . . .



  1. Barbara E Brink

    When I was a teenager, we had an old woman in our church who wouldn’t shake hands because of fear of germs. And that was the 70’s! She told everyone she went home and washed her hands and feet (not sure why the feet) in Scope:)
    So along with the hand sanitizer, perhaps a basin of Scope to dip our feet in at the door as well.

  2. Kay Day

    I don’t do hand sanitizer, but I always wash my hands after church. Not so much my feet, though.
    I wash my hands every time I come home from the store, library, just about anywhere.
    And I’m hardly ever sick.
    I guess my microbiology class wasn’t a total waste. 🙂

  3. Hannah Alexander

    Come to our church, Angie. We have them in several spots. And we use them.

  4. Angela

    I have to admit, the place(s) where I’m most paranoid about germs and hands is/are public places with stairs and escalators. Just think about how many people sneeze and then grip that handrail! So I try to balance without touching it . . . or I’ll grab it through a sweater sleeve or a wrap or something.

    Germs. We may be paranoid, but I wouldn’t want to go back to the days when doctors didn’t know enough to wash their hands between patients!


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