Pretty cool technology . . . now, if they would only invent one of those for LIFE!



  1. Mocha with Linda

    Amazing. Who will ever be satisfied with a “normal” body?

    I was amused that most of their examples dealt with bulking up the men, while it’s the opposite with women as a rule – making them smaller and thinner.

    But I wouldn’t mind something decreasing my waist girth!

  2. Anonymous

    This reminds me of the story of the man who is tired with the cross he must bear in life. God says to him, “Here, come into this room, put your cross down and choose a new one.” As he wanders around the room that is chock full of crosses of all sizes and shapes, his eyes finally light on the perfect cross. He picks it up and walks toward the exit, telling God, This one is just perfect.” And God says, “That’s the one you came in with …” Clyde

  3. Snowed-in in Alabama

    So what was wrong with the Baywatch man in the first place? I thought he looked muscular. In this day and age, I guess we need to watch out for our young boys trying to bulk up as well as our young girls trying to be as thin as models.


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