See yesterday’s post for the “before” pic.

If our house were still on the market, I would not have chosen this color–it is quite vivid. 🙂 But I need vivid in the laundry room, and I think this color will keep me awake while I’m sorting lights from darks. 🙂

The hardest part about this job was removing the wallpaper. The regular wallpaper came down quite easily, but there were a few spots where I’d applied spray adhesive to keep the paper stuck to the wall. The spray adhesive did not want to surrender, so that took a bit of doing. Then the paint needed two coats (it wasn’t Benjamin Moore!), and then I needed to caulk around the little molding strip at the top–realized that my walls aren’t perfectly flat. (I think the dry wall guys got a little careless in the laundry room). Anyway, my caulking job was less than perfect, so I had to haul the ladder out yet again to apply one final coat around the molding.
But–ta da! Perfect or not, I will live with it until I don’t like it anymore, then I’ll simply paint again. I think those walls would also look nice in a nice shade of gold . . .


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Don’t you know you’re supposed to take the wallpaper off one day and then paint one coat a day?! LOL I’m thinking Angela Hunt is just your pen name – you’re really Mary Poppins!

  2. chanteusevca

    Love that pop of color! I think you are Mary Poppins and Martha Stewart rolled into one if you did both the removing of wallpaper and painting on the same day.

    I’m thinking of using one of those cool, new graphic wallpapers in my laundry room. I’m sure my husband won’t like it. He hates wallpaper. Maybe beadboard half way up and wallpaper above. I’m sure by the time we reach the laundry room I will have changed my mind. But that’s my prerogative, right?

  3. Chimes in the Wind

    I really like it. There will be no way to nap while sorting laundry. I actually think it would help sell the house rather than deter potential buyers.


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