I’ve decided to write a Jack Russell terrier into the novel-in-progress. Why? Well, I think you’ll understand after you watch this video! 🙂

I’ve named the book dog “Justus,” in honor of my mastiff who is now in doggie heaven. Man, my heavenly mansion is going to be filled with dogs!



  1. Anonymous

    Love it! Especially the swinging!

  2. Anonymous

    Love it! Especially the hallway on front legs and then riding the horsey! I’m glad include dogs in your books. They give your books that special touch. I learned a lot about mastiffs by reading the Cahira series. 🙂

  3. Megan DiMaria

    My JRT Belle was the only real character in my first two books. The novel I finished writing this week features Bayle, our 1 1/2 year old JRT. They’re a wonderful breed.

  4. bdb50

    Love that dog– reminds me of my dog in childhood “Mitzi”


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