I finally got around to watching Hachi–A Dog’s Tale. I had mixed feelings about watching it because I knew it would make me cry–well, maybe that’s an understatement. The movie made me SOB, as did the trailer.

But it’s a great film, good for the entire family to watch, and it just reminds me of what a gift God gave us when he gave us dogs. So add this to your Netflix queue, but bring out the tissues before you turn it on!
As the Lord would have it, an hour after I finished watching Hachi, I turned to PBS, which was airing a special called “Through a Dog’s Eyes,” about the Canine Assistants program. (Check it out and watch the show here.) One dog expert in the program said something like, “To a dog, his human is like his sun–the center of his universe.” And I kept thinking that the relationship between a man and his dog ought to be like the relationship between man and his God. God is our creator, our master, the one we live to please. Maybe that’s why the human-canine relationship is so special! I was particularly interested in the PBS program because a local family was part of the special.
P.S. Thinking as a novelist, Hachi is one of the few movies I’ve seen where the dog is actually the protagonist–complete with goals and complications! I can’t say any more, or I’ll start crying again.


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