What do you think? Be kind, because I put this trailer together myself. (And I hope you can’t tell!)

It was fun, picking out characters from the thousands of images in clip art I’ve purchased over the years.




  1. Linda g

    I am saving this book to read on the airplane on Saturday. I don’t know if I can wait after watching this.

    Great job putting this together Angie. I just had trouble reading the review at the end. It went by a little too fast.

  2. Anonymous

    “Angie Hunt begins new career as marketing genius.”

    Great job, Angie. Very effective photos you’ve chosen. I especially like the eye, and the pills, and…they’re ALL good! Only suggestions I could make–the Pub. Weekly segment scrolled so fast I couldn’t read it all the first viewing. And the narrator (ah-hmm) while distinct and easy to understand, could have used a more menacing or “oh-no, it’s a catastrophe” voice. But maybe that isn’t what you were going for.

    I’ll definitely send people to see it. Hope it’s another smash–and another movie. (Who do we lobby?)

    Mary Kay

  3. Angela

    You are too sweet, Mary Kay. 🙂 You and Linda are right about the PW review scrolling too quickly.

    As to whom to lobby for another movie, I don’t know . . . anyone with millions of dollars, I suppose. 🙁

    It would make a good one, wouldn’t it? 🙂



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