Having my tonsils out has been an interesting experience. First of all, the actual experience wasn’t so bad–you get up early, you go to the surgery center, you meet some nice doctors and nurses, and you get to wear a cap. 🙂 You go to sleep, then you wake up and you’re sent home with instructions to stay in bed for a couple of days.

Well, that’s easier said than done when you feel perfectly fine. I was out of bed a lot more than I was in it, and because my hubby and I have decided to try and sell our house (long story), I spent a lot of time packing boxes. But I did take four naps–count ’em–and felt pretty good except for one bout of nausea about which I’d been warned (apparently one swallows a lot of indigestible materials during surgery and it’s normal for the stomach to want to expel those things–which it did.)
Day two was pretty much the same, and I was enjoying my popsicles and slushies. But by dinner time I was beginning to grow tired of sweet things–and the chocolate slushy just about turned my stomach.
Day three–ouch. The throat is definitely painful, and I forced myself to try to eat some real food, so swallowing was painful indeed. Plus, on Thursday night I was crying over something or other (nothing unusual), and you know that tightening of the throat you feel when you cry? Ouch! Crying only made the pain worse, which made the crying worse, which was not fun.
Day four–I went out for a chicken sandwich and a milkshake, and had the random thought that I don’t think I’ll lose any weight at all with this tonsil thing. We had our first house showing, so now I’m trying to heal and figure out what to do with my dogs if someone wants to come see my house.
Day five . . . remains to be seen. In the mean time, I’m enjoying going to bed early and taking lots of easily-swallowed pain killers. Liquids, give me liquids. Those I can manage.


  1. Ruthie

    So sorry you are going through this. I know you want to be up and doing but it really is in your best interests to rest and let your throat heal.

    Now we know why you’ve been painting so rabidly! Not only am I praying for you to get better, but now I’m adding the sale of your house to my list to the Father.

  2. Angela

    Actually–honestly and truthfully, I wasn’t thinking about selling when I was painting–in fact, I was convinced I wasn’t going to move. But the market is crazy right now, and last week I just happened to stumble over this 1.5 acre property that’s in a pre-forclosure situation . . . and we made an offer, and the sellers accepted it. BUT–and this is a big BUT–the bank has to accept it, too, and we’d have to sell our house. But if the bank says no, the deal’s off, and we’re staying put. After all, my house is now freshly-decorated AND painted! 🙂


  3. Mocha with Linda

    Hope this week is a better week. That definitely sounds like no fun. And you packed boxes – didn’t you have a book or 20 you could read? LOL

    All that painting only to move – that would be a hard pill to swallow (tonsillectomy or not!). Of course, I’m sure the new house will need your painting skills!

  4. Angela

    Ah, Linda, the possible new house is an absolute mess–painting, cleaning, renovating, repairing–the “to do” list goes on and on. But I’m never happier than when faced with a “to do” list, and the pitiful current condition is why we were able to get it (IF we can get it) at such a discount.

    So I will have lots to do on many Saturdays to come, if this works out. If not, I guess I’ll just keep painting my HIP (house in progress!) LOL!


  5. Anonymous

    I can barely keep up with your blog, Angie, much less your life. I can only imagine living at the speed of change that you do–when I write about it! You gals who will decide to sell a house over a weekend boggle my mind. And at Christmas yet! Of course, 1.5 acres does sound a bit more mastiff-friendly.

    Sending throat-soothing prayers your way, Angie. Blessings,
    Mary Kay

  6. Leslie

    Oh I hope that you get the new home – I knew you were painting to keep from feeling the urge to move – but 1.5 acres is nothing to sneeze at (though I do live in an area where 2-5 acres is routine, but I know you don’t).

  7. Linda G

    Please don’t forget that you also have a cruise to pack for!

    I just realized that we have two Sundays in Portland, followed by two Sundays in Los Angeles and then two
    more in Portland then we are off on
    the Heavenly Daze Cruise!

  8. Hannah Alexander

    Ouch, Angie. Try not to cry for awhile. I really, really hope you get that larger place! I love room to move around, and it’s way past time you made another move.

  9. Anonymous

    My prayers for you will expand to contain all that is going on … please, please don’t kill yourself with all this activity! Clyde


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