I’ve been on a movie-making binge. I was waiting for another project to shape up (details to come once they solidify), and so I found myself pulling images together for my WIP, The Grandma Gene. Before I knew it, I had a completed trailer.

This story is only in rough draft form, but there’s enough here to know where I’m going. Enjoy!

Did anyone else watch “V” last night? My paper said that only “middle-aged geeks” would remember the original, so count me among the geeks who not only remembered it, but loved it! The new version has been updated with some interesting and relevant references to terrorist cells and universal health care. I tell you, the latter gives me the willies without involving any lizards.
Have a great day!



  1. Mocha with Linda

    Oooh! I think WIP stands for Winner in Progress!

  2. Angela

    (grin) I sure hope so, Linda! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  3. Deborah

    I love it!!

    About V…my most vivid memory was of a woman swallowing a rat…because, of course, she was actually a lizard! hmmm…..not sure I’ll be watching this time around.

  4. Laura in Texas

    I couldn’t watch V last night, but believe you me, I had the DVR set up to record it, and I’ll be watching it as soon as I can make the time to sit down and do it! I LOVED the original. I noticed it was playing on some cable channel last week — almost recorded it, too.

  5. Laura in Texas

    And by the way . . . I CAN’T WAIT for this book to come out.

  6. Leslie

    Middle aged geeks?!

    Sorry but I’m not even close to middle aged yet and I remember the show quite clearly. I was very young when it originally came out, so I may have seen re-runs of the two mini-series, but I belive that I did watch the actual tv show “live”

    I recorded the original shows on SyFy this weekend and was having a very fun time watching. I did watch the new show last night and enjoyed it.

    Here’s something to get your brains working: There are quite a few people that do think aliens are *real* – that they are actually manifestations of the enemy designed to get our minds focusing elsewhere (and not on God). As I was watching both the original and especially how last nights’ episode was very “Left Behind-ish” in a way. I’ve already seen how the enemy has used the media to brainwash the masses; I’m having a laughing fit about how in many ways the show seems to outline the last days.

  7. Doni Brinkman

    What???? Please tell me that 36 is NOT middle aged! 🙂 I loved loved the original series and I was really bummed that last night was only one hour. 🙂

  8. Suzanne

    I’m 40 and clearly remember the original V series. Creeped me out then, not sure I want to revisit that.

  9. Angela

    I hate to break it to you, Doni, but if a man’s years are “three score and ten,” then 35 is EXACTLY middle-aged. 🙂

    Scary, isn’t it?



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