I don’t know much about this movie–I have a feeling that it’s going to be pretty raw–but the trailer alone made me cry. Listen to Precious as she cries out with the rest of the world “Nobody loves me.”

Isn’t that what the world wants? As one of my characters said in THE DEBT, the world doesn’t want our programs, our churches, our lists or standards. What it needs, what it cries out for, is love.

Did you recognize Mariah Carey as one of the social workers? Looks like a powerful movie.

I blogged the above paragraphs several months ago, and PRECIOUS opens this weekend. I’ve heard the movie IS raw, and I still cry in the trailer. But I think this is one of those movies I ought to see, so I’m going to see if I can slip out sometime this coming week to see it. I’ll probably go alone so I can sit in the corner and sob.

It’s not for the kiddies, of course. And if you go, I have a feeling that you’ll need a box of tissues. But oh, how powerful this film could be . . .


  1. Anonymous

    Wonder of wonders? I don’t think so, Angie. I think God loves you and He watches out for those He loves. And, just as He loves you, He loves all His other children, such as the Preciouses in the world. That movie will have a happy ending … I can sense it from the trailer. But, oh, it is so hard to watch how people treat their own children. Pray for all of them. Clyde

  2. Angela

    You are so right, Clyde. And you are precious to me.

    And now, I am still in my jammies. Better get moving . . .


  3. Kay Day

    I love Tyler Perry movies. They are gritty, but he gets down to what it’s all about.
    It looks heartbreaking, but his films are always redemptive.


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