. . . so I got some friends to send me some video and I put it together to observe NaNoWriMo . . . or “national write a novel month.” Seems that every November, thousands of Americans set out to write the first draft of a novel, and here’s to ’em. 🙂
Those of us who do this full-time tend to search for reasons to NOT write, but eventually we have to . . .


  1. Kathy C.

    I am actually working on a preteen devotional that when done will be way more than 50,000 words (the Nov goal I guess).

  2. Accidental Poet

    What a blast. I laughed out loud at your finger puppets talking to each other, and your bemused dogs in the “rain”.

  3. Suzanne

    Completely adorable! Had me giggling for most of it. Thanks for the laughs 🙂

  4. Sue

    I saw this over at Kristin’s blog yesterday and had a huge giggle. You girls are a BLAST!

  5. C. L. Richardson

    Love the video. I’ve found it to be a great motivation booster. 🙂


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