Photo: the ceiling of the China Pavillion at Epcot.

Last night we were driving back to my hotel and suddenly, wham!, there was a deer right in front of us. He bounded away safely, but we came *this close* to hitting him . . . and I’m sure you know that hitting a dear is a very dangerous thing. People are sometimes killed in deer/car collisions, and yet this was IN TOWN.
Anyway, we thanked the Lord for putting a couple of angels near by to shoo that deer along, and I was soon safely tucked back into my hotel room. We’ll work all day today, and then I’ll fly home tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Enjoy you trip!

    Your experience with the deer reminded me of last fall when a deer hit me!

  2. Franciska

    I only recently watched the movie based on the Novel The Note. Great story, but BUT, BUT again…. WHY OH WHY DO THEY USE THE LORD”S NAME IN VANE? The seen where Payton talks to her assistant and says OH MY GOD! and again later in a seen again she says ” OH God no…Is this not suppose to be a story about forgiveness and finding God as well? I only recently started reading your novels and find it different to other christian novels. Could you please comment on this.

  3. Angela

    Franciska: first, I didn’t write the script for either movie, so I had no control over such things. I don’t say “Oh my God” personally, and would not write it in a book, but others might because 2) “God” is not God’s name, it is his title. His name is Jehoval, El Shaddai, Jesus, Yeshua, and a host of other things, but technically, it is not “God.” Still, I don’t write that because I know a lot of people are sensitive to it. Enough people say “Jesus” in vain, and that always makes me cringe much worse than someone saying “God.”

    Thanks for writing!

  4. Franciska

    Hi. Thank you for your explanation. We have to be so carefull what we watch these days…Much appreciated. God Bless!


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