Photos: One plant, three different years.

In 2002, I bought an orchid. The tag assured me it was an orchid, and not just any orchid–this was one of those big, frilly orchids; the kind your mother used to wear in her Easter corsage.

So I planted it. And waited. And watered. And waited. Years passed–2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006. The plant didn’t grow and it didn’t die (like many of my plants). It just sat there.
And then in 2007, it put forth one bloom. The poor bloom was tattered and half-eaten by some kind of vermin, but I was so thrilled with it I brought it into the house, took a picture, and blogged about it.
In 2008, the plant put forth several bloom–about a half dozen. I was so thrilled I blogged about it again, and cut several blossoms for my kitchen window. (The cut flowers last a LONG time).
And this year . . . that little frilly orchid is outdoing itself. It is loaded with flowers AND buds, so I’m going to enjoy a glorious show for several weeks to come. I moved it to the front door, in a place of honor (especially since the button mums have mostly died without even opening their buttons).
And every time I look at this flower, I think of all the people who wait and water and wait and water . . . for some gift to burst into bloom. And finally, it does.
Here’s to the waiting and watering.


  1. Anonymous

    Makes me think of the Kingdom of Heaven! Clyde


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