Yesterday was the first day in ages that we could step outside and not swelter. I think autumn is on its way! The air outside is positively delicious. How is it where you live?

You’ve probably heard about a neighborhood cat who got up a tree and was then afraid to come down. Same story here, but the cat is a bit . . . unusual. LOL! Some big animals are scairedy-cats. Just like some dogs. 🙂



  1. Linda G

    Here it is too cool for the air conditioning, but too warm for the furnace to kick on.For the first time in months, I spent most of yesterday wearing a sweatshirt.

  2. Sue

    We are COOL here… only low 50’s today in the Toronto area. Brrr.

    What a pretty “kitty”. I love Tigers!

  3. Kay Day

    I think we turned the heat on the last day of summer. It snowed that day. It’s been lovely fall weather the past few days. 60s and sunny.


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